Monday, January 5, 2009

Red Wedding - Up and Down the Aisle

First post for the new year! =D
Red Wedding was an openly gay (save for a few members) Los Angeles post-punk band. They only had two EPs as far as I know; this one in '82 and Nails in '84. The band has played among many other acts, including Killing Joke, Specimen, Gun Club, 45 Grave, Romeo Void, and more.
Vocalist Michael and guitarist Spyder still make music as Michael & Spyder, now as a more ambient music duo ( official site | Myspace ).
Anyway, this is a really awesome EP with a fast, pulsating sound that gives it a deathrock edge, and I also really enjoy the lyrics throughout. Highly recommended!

1. "Drums"
2. "Marsha in Pictures"
3. "Sleeping on the Airplane"
4. "All (Dressed Up)"
5. "Think About It"

Check it out! =D
(images from Google & eBay finds)


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