Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Children's Zoo - demo / live@CBGB

(Sorry this month's been slooow)
Here's another one NY goth band that I dug up from Soundclick.

The Children's Zoo were born in 1986 and broke up in mid '87 for reasons unclear. They were apparently quite interrelated to other NYC goth bands, with members from and/or later forming other groups (The Naked & the Dead, The Ochrana, 99 Stellavista, and others). Bassist Christopher Bollman reformed The Naked and the Dead in 2002, and now plays in Bell Hollow.
The band went through a couple drummers in their early stages before settling down on a drum machine. I'd say their sound is overall bleak and somewhat dreamy (thanks mostly to Bollman's love of chorus/flange, heehee). They recorded some demos around the first half of '87, I think that's what these first six songs are (the rest are some excellent live material).

1. "Trap Door"
2. "Gojira Rising"
3. "The Stick Figure"
4. "Back of the Boat"
5. "Making the Rounds"
6. "Trap Door (version 2)"
7. "Intro" (live at CBGB, Jan '87)
8. "The Ultimate City" (live at CBGB, Jan '87)
9. "Coin Tambourine" (live at CBGB, Jan '87)
10. "Scarecrow Waltz" (live at CBGB, Jan '87)
11. "Vacant Lot" (live at CBGB, Jan '87)
12. "A Residential Delivery" (live at CBGB, Jan '87)
13. "Stained Glass Color" (live at Lismar, Apr '87)
14. untitled 1 (rehearsal July '87)
15. untitled 2 (rehearsal July '87)

Sweeetness here

Soundclick (source):

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Scarecrow - demo / live@CBGB

A buddy of mine requested some old New York bands some time ago and I went searching like a madman for them. I found a couple of his requests at Soundclick (someone there has a lot of access to these gems!).
I had to download all the songs individually, you can too if you want to (check links in this post). I'm just making it easier for you guys by compiling it myself. ;) Some links there were broken so erm, I just got it from their Myspace instead when I could, but it's lower quality, sorry!

So, among those, I'm starting with Scarecrow, a kinda Siouxsie-ish goth band born in late '83. They were apparently very influential to the NY goth scene in their day. According to their Myspace, they had a 3 song demo (the same first three tracks here; but you can hear more demo/studio songs there). My personal favorite is "Mother's Crawling", I just find it a twistedly dark song! The remaining huge portion of it is the band playing live at Manhattan's CBGB venue (the venue famous for all those punk bands and such), in January and March '84.

1. "Mother's Crawling"
2. "Blood in My Dreams"
3. "Concrete is My Pillow"
4. "Blood in My Dreams" (live at CBGB, Jan '84)
5. "Laughing Effigy" (live at CBGB, Jan '84)
6. "Pan Bang" (live at CBGB, Jan '84)
7. "Down in Flames" (live at CBGB, Jan '84)
8. "Mother's Crawling" (live at CBGB, Jan '84)
9. "Anteroom" (live at CBGB, Jan '84)
10. "Concrete is My Pillow" (live at CBGB, Jan '84)
11. "Temple" (live at CBGB, Mar '84)
12. "Blood in My Dreams" (live at CBGB, Mar '84)
13. untitled (live at CBGB, Mar '84)
14. "Anteroom" (live at CBGB, Mar '84)
15. "Water's Edge" (live at CBGB, Mar '84)
16. "Laughing Effigy" (live at CBGB, Mar '84)
17. "Mother's Crawling" (live at CBGB, Mar '84)
18. "Concrete is Your Pillow" (live at CBGB, Mar '84)

Here it is!

Soundclick (source):

Monday, January 5, 2009

Red Wedding - Up and Down the Aisle

First post for the new year! =D
Red Wedding was an openly gay (save for a few members) Los Angeles post-punk band. They only had two EPs as far as I know; this one in '82 and Nails in '84. The band has played among many other acts, including Killing Joke, Specimen, Gun Club, 45 Grave, Romeo Void, and more.
Vocalist Michael and guitarist Spyder still make music as Michael & Spyder, now as a more ambient music duo ( official site | Myspace ).
Anyway, this is a really awesome EP with a fast, pulsating sound that gives it a deathrock edge, and I also really enjoy the lyrics throughout. Highly recommended!

1. "Drums"
2. "Marsha in Pictures"
3. "Sleeping on the Airplane"
4. "All (Dressed Up)"
5. "Think About It"

Check it out! =D
(images from Google & eBay finds)