Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Screwtractor - Eye

(oooh feeling big heartache at the moment, gahhhh ;_; )

Erm, anyway, here's another "haaaaayy, this ain't post-punk, ya punk"-post or whatever. Still, call me crazy - but I think you can hear some subtle goth influences around here and there. In like one or two songs. Maybe.

Screwtractor is a Cleveland, Ohio hard rock band. I dunno how to describe 'em... it seems they are usually classified among industrial rock and metal... but eh, I dunno. A bit of a grungy-era production sound too, I think-- it was a '93 record after all (on Gravel Records). I say, at the risk of getting jumped and mauled, the singer sometimes pulls off this whole crooning gothy-ish voice too.

Not really too sure who to compare 'em to. Like, I feel like they have some slight Young Gods approach in "Crusader", but that's probably just me being crazy. Someone on their Myspace also describes 'em to be comparable to Faith No More (hmm, I dunno) and Clay People.
Anyway, I quite like this, so I hope you will too.

1. "Throb"
2. "Cowboy Spit"
3. "Afterlife"
4. "Stupid Humans"
5. "Crusader"
6. "Twitch"

Here, has yourself a listen!