Saturday, December 27, 2008

Life in General / X-15 - s/t (Life in General)

Seattle post-punk band. Originally went by the name X-15, then they changed their name to Life in General (which they made this release by), then I think they went back to X-15 after another band came aboard with the Life in General moniker. They've opened for The Clash, PiL, Lene Lovich, Missing Persons, and more.

Phoenix Hairpins also has a copy, I'm sure of better quality too. But hey, I didn't wanna have ripped it for no reason, so here it is anyway! =P

1. "Respite Lost"
2. "The Fog"
3. "That's Life"
4. "Affliction"
5. "One Way"

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

God's Acre - Ten Gospel Greats

So every once in a lil' awhile, I'll have something that doesn't belong in this predominantly post-punkz blog. Mostly because I have it here and don't really see it anywhere else and someone out there might wanna check it out.

Starting with this Chicago grunge band! God's Acre was signed to Wax Trax! Records, who are most famous for their post-industrial releases (Front 242, KMFDM, Laibach, Revolting Cocks, etc), so this is a curious surprise in their line-up. ...Also probably why it was misplaced into the gawf/industrial section of my college radio station where I discovered it *cough.

This 1990 album is just about pure grunge though. The singer's voice reminds me of Kurt Cobain even, and they opened for Nirvana once.

1. "Wood"
2. "Killingtime"
3. "Hot Mama"
4. "12 Stories Face First"
5. "Hippie Trilogy"
6. Untitled
7. "2 = No One Else"
8. "Riff'O'Rhama"
9. "7 Things to Do on Speed"
10. "Want"
11. Untitled
12. "Bummin #2"
13. "Mississippi Queen"

Monday, December 8, 2008

Les Larmes - Live

Just to avoid confusion, no, this is not a "live" album... that's just the title. It's a studio release from some band I can't find any information worth a damn. Regardless, this is a great album with a new wave and/or post-punk thing going on. It was released under Lost Arts Records (how fitting a name!) in '86.

1. "Didactic Relish"
2. "Man's Best Friend"
3. "Believe Me"
4. "Ode to Billy Joe" (Bobbie Gentry cover)
5. "Dresden Black
6. "Favorite Things Today"
7. "I Run Away"

Get it here, so I don't have to be their only listener on Last.FM anymore!
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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mydolls - Speak Softly & Carry a Big Stick

Mydolls are a '78-born Houston post-punk band, with three female members and one male. You'll especially dig 'em if you like The Slits, The Raincoats, Liliput, Rubella Ballet, or whatever. They have a feminist and political edge, and were once invited to an interview with John Peel. They've reunited recently, I think.

I found this album at my college radio's station and loved it. Taking it's name from Theodore Roosevelt's infamous quote, the first side of this album ("Speak Softly") is softer and more introspective, while the other half ("Carry a Big Stick") is name-sakingly more aggressive and political with a stronger punk rock vibe.

1. "Please No Mary"
2. "As Strange as Mine"
3. "A World of Her Own"
4. "Christmas Day"
5. "21st Century Compliments"
6. "Rape of a Culture"

Check it out here!
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Just this year, they released a double disced album compiling all (or most) of their notable stuff together, buy it here.