Friday, March 6, 2009

Burning Skies of Elysium - Carousel

I was gonna upload their '87 full length album, The Last Revolving Door, but Systems of Romance has it up already, so ehh. Instead, I'll put up their preceding Carousel single, released in '85. "Weeping and Wailing" is the b-side and only track of the two not featured on the full length album.

Anyway, if you haven't listened to the full length album yet, I demand that you do so now! This band is damn incredible. Obscure as they are, I think their LP is up there with my top favorite post-punk albums of all time! It's really-really catchy, their pop approach reminds me of The Cure a little bit, particularly in an overall "A Night Like This" kinda way with their incorporation of the sax. Their sound is atmospheric, highly melodic, and overall bleakly melancholic...I get all completely tripped over on "Out on the Paperchase" myself, haha.

Despite all that, there's little info about the band out there. Sometimes they also go by "The Burning Skies of Elysium" or sometimes simply "Elysium". I think two of the members are brothers. They seem to have a lot of photoshoots though, hrmm (see, some in this video).

But yeah, grab "Weeping and Wailing" here too if you dig 'em.

1. "Carousel"
2. "Weeping and Wailing"

You shall like!