Saturday, October 31, 2009

An Ideal For Living 1 (compilation)

I'm sure you could probably guess what the title of this 1993 German compilation comes from. It was compiled by a Klaus Wiethรถlter, released on Gothic Arts Records, and apparently, only 1000 copies were printed. There was also a part 2 that I still need to find.

Welle:Erdball are probably the only really popular group on here. You post-punk aficionados might recognize The Caves though. Some of the bands here are just on this compilation or a few other compilations, and that's it. Others I've been trying to get my hands on their one and only album (like Ice Age). There's a few others too with more material out there... somewhere over a rainbow...

Anyway, you'll find some post-punk gothic songs on here (some with vocal pastiches to the likes of Andy, Ian, and Fat Bob), while others are are more synth-driven darkwave, fairly reflective of the distinctive 90's German take of the genre. I think the Permanent Confusion song might have a minimal wave quality to it. There's also a good bunch of pulsating EBM with harsh vocals that may appeal to you Skinny Puppy or Front Line Assembly fans (currently in love with The Orphobia track).

1. Static Threshold - "Five Hours"
2. The Permanent Confusion - "1984"
3. Welle:Erdball - "Sinnlos"
4. The Caves - "Darkness"
5. The Orphobia - "When God Cries"
6. Psycho Surgery - "The World is Black"
7. Flowers Can Burn - "Out of the Deep"
8. Crepusculum Terrae -"50 Years Remain"
9. PP? - "Rostock (An Antifascist Song)"
10. The Hall of Souls - "Leviathan"
11. Rue Du Mort - "Nathaly"
12. LPF 12 - "Darkness"
13. Ice Age - "A Nighttale"
14. The Psychic Force - "Twilight Zone (Mystic Mix)
15. After the Rain - "Zynical Reason"

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