Saturday, November 29, 2008


Note: This introduction may see constant updating to shamelessly promote other things I do (aside from this blog). So, uh, check back here often! =P

I'm making this blog with the intent of sharing some music in my collection and things I've ripped and bought - stuff I feel needs more attention. I don't have as much as other lovely blogs out there, but I'll do my best. Occasionally, I'll just pinpoint other uploads I've found that I think could use more attention.

Do comment, I like to hear from you guys, and I'd like to make new friends. =)

A bit about me (with links when they're finally getting somewhere):

+ I will have a post-punk/goth Shoutcast eventually; I use to have my own show in college, but I've graduated and miss it, so I'm making a Shoutcast. Stay tuned!
(If you play post-punk/goth/darkwave/deathrock/dark cabaret/etc, or have even individual songs that reflect such genres, send them to me, they will get played.)

+ I got a personal music project going, but I don't think it'll see the light of day for a little while. Hopefully by mid-2009.

+ And not so related to music, I got a art project going, which won't be "public" for a bit too. (Once I got that going, I'll happily do commissions)

+ Also, if you got a music project going, I wouldn't mind helping out (for free!), particularly in a production standpoint (like mixing, or even if you just want an opinion); I got a BA in audio recording/production.