Sunday, December 14, 2008

God's Acre - Ten Gospel Greats

So every once in a lil' awhile, I'll have something that doesn't belong in this predominantly post-punkz blog. Mostly because I have it here and don't really see it anywhere else and someone out there might wanna check it out.

Starting with this Chicago grunge band! God's Acre was signed to Wax Trax! Records, who are most famous for their post-industrial releases (Front 242, KMFDM, Laibach, Revolting Cocks, etc), so this is a curious surprise in their line-up. ...Also probably why it was misplaced into the gawf/industrial section of my college radio station where I discovered it *cough.

This 1990 album is just about pure grunge though. The singer's voice reminds me of Kurt Cobain even, and they opened for Nirvana once.

1. "Wood"
2. "Killingtime"
3. "Hot Mama"
4. "12 Stories Face First"
5. "Hippie Trilogy"
6. Untitled
7. "2 = No One Else"
8. "Riff'O'Rhama"
9. "7 Things to Do on Speed"
10. "Want"
11. Untitled
12. "Bummin #2"
13. "Mississippi Queen"


Ariel said...

the link is dead...

i've been searching this for months...

can you re-upload it..


James said...

Back in the day, way back when I was buying only albums on the WAX Trax lable, my ears were inundated with Industrial Music. I picked this album up expecting the same but to my suprise it was pure bombastic Rock n' Roll( I actually find it better than the stuff Nirvana was putting out at the same time.)!! This album actually slapped me out of my industrial stuper and brought the rock back into my life. Screw the samples and synthesizers bring on the GUITAR, BASS, and real DRUMS!!!
I still throw this on every once in a while when I need a pick me up.
I swear for the longest time I thought I was the only person who ever heard of these cats!

Luis Cyberhead said...

would you re-upload please? =(

Anonymous said...

I just had my copy out as well and went looking for more info on the band and found this. I was dj'ing at the time, with Wax Trax vinyl always doing well by me, so of course heard anything the label put out. This didn't fit, but looking back they must have seen this was a sound about to pop (1990) and went with it. The Nirvana comparison above is pretty right on. I didn't spin with with Meat Beat, that's for sure!