Saturday, December 27, 2008

Life in General / X-15 - s/t (Life in General)

Seattle post-punk band. Originally went by the name X-15, then they changed their name to Life in General (which they made this release by), then I think they went back to X-15 after another band came aboard with the Life in General moniker. They've opened for The Clash, PiL, Lene Lovich, Missing Persons, and more.

Phoenix Hairpins also has a copy, I'm sure of better quality too. But hey, I didn't wanna have ripped it for no reason, so here it is anyway! =P

1. "Respite Lost"
2. "The Fog"
3. "That's Life"
4. "Affliction"
5. "One Way"

(images from web and eBay finds)

Official Site:
CD Baby (w/ bio):


Curious Guy said...

Hi JQ, no problem at all that you posted this one as well. I made a link to your blog.

JQ said...

Thanks a lot, Curious Guy! It's an honor! =D