Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Children's Zoo - demo / live@CBGB

(Sorry this month's been slooow)
Here's another one NY goth band that I dug up from Soundclick.

The Children's Zoo were born in 1986 and broke up in mid '87 for reasons unclear. They were apparently quite interrelated to other NYC goth bands, with members from and/or later forming other groups (The Naked & the Dead, The Ochrana, 99 Stellavista, and others). Bassist Christopher Bollman reformed The Naked and the Dead in 2002, and now plays in Bell Hollow.
The band went through a couple drummers in their early stages before settling down on a drum machine. I'd say their sound is overall bleak and somewhat dreamy (thanks mostly to Bollman's love of chorus/flange, heehee). They recorded some demos around the first half of '87, I think that's what these first six songs are (the rest are some excellent live material).

1. "Trap Door"
2. "Gojira Rising"
3. "The Stick Figure"
4. "Back of the Boat"
5. "Making the Rounds"
6. "Trap Door (version 2)"
7. "Intro" (live at CBGB, Jan '87)
8. "The Ultimate City" (live at CBGB, Jan '87)
9. "Coin Tambourine" (live at CBGB, Jan '87)
10. "Scarecrow Waltz" (live at CBGB, Jan '87)
11. "Vacant Lot" (live at CBGB, Jan '87)
12. "A Residential Delivery" (live at CBGB, Jan '87)
13. "Stained Glass Color" (live at Lismar, Apr '87)
14. untitled 1 (rehearsal July '87)
15. untitled 2 (rehearsal July '87)

Sweeetness here

Soundclick (source):


Greg said...

Greg from Naked and the Dead/Bell Hollow here. I'm the fellow with all the old tapes, who created the MySpace pages for Children's Zoo, Scarecrow, Ochrana, etc. Thanks for all the posts---I hope more people discover these underrated bands through your site. If you have any questions about the bands/songs, please ask. You can email me at

p.s. Correct song title is "Stained Glass Color."

p.p.s. I recently posted three complete Children's Zoo concert videos on YouTube. Enjoy...

Thomas Sheridan said...


I am Thomas Sheridan who was the guitar player in the Children's Zoo. The reason we broke up is mainly because Chris lost interest (which is fair enough), and left and he was impossible to replace as he was just so talented and the band's sound was crafted around his bass sound.

Initially we toyed with the idea of me playing bass and getting a second guitar player to take over my role. In retrospect, I think that would of been the perfect solution but we never followed through on this idea. Robert and I messed around for a few months with some other projects/musicians but it never really got going for loads of reasons. The band more 'disolved' than broke up. There was no arguments or anything like that as we were all fairly easy going people.

Thanks so much for keeping the memory of the CZ alive. It was a pleasure for me to play with two very talented guys.

JQ said...

Oh, wow, I really need to learn to use these Blog features better, didn't realize there were posts here for... 4 months now?! And from the band members themselves! What an honor!

@ Greg, Hi, thanks so much for putting all those old tapes up, it's really such a joy to experience all these New York bands! I've really enjoyed listening to them. I too hope more people will be discovering them as well, with the same enthusiasm as I've had!

@ Thomas, Wow, thanks for dropping by and sharing the experience behind the curtains of this wonderful group! It's too bad the band had dissolved, but I'm glad you guys released what you have here, they are really a genuine pleasure to listen to!

Vin Prima said...

Thomas is still playing

Juan Alvarado said...

thanks for share ...i was looking for