Monday, February 9, 2009

Bitter Grace - ...God and the Abyss

Bitter Grace is an '85-born Manhattan goth band. Due to constant line-up changes, the band wasn't really able to release this album until 1997, and it wouldn't be another 7 years until they released their second album in '06, Shimmer (which I hear added more EBM/electronic dance-components to their overall goth sound; haven't listened to it myself yet).
Anyway, I can't help but slightly compare 'em to the Sisters of Mercy (on some songs) with a singer that sometimes sounds a tad like Peter Murphy, but that's just me. Pretty fun stuff overall, very catchy at times! "Ashes in the Rain" and "Precious" are my two personal favorites.

1. "Beneath the Ocean Black"
2. "Special One"
3. "Sane"
4. "Nothing Here"
5. "Ashes in the Rain"
6. "Precious"
7. "The Very Last Goodbye"
8. "God and the Abyss"
9. "Fever"
10. "Burning Kisses"
11. "Requiem"

8-) <--- look, it's Andy Eldritch, hee


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