Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dorian Gray - 1986 AD

Dorian Gray is a Finnish post-punk goth band, active from '85-87. I'm sure we all know the band name derives from Oscar Wilde's novel. They feature no guitarist... just drums, bass, keys, and vocals. As such, their sound is extremely spacial, and the bass is seemingly the most prominent instrument, played very heavy and thick, and at the same time, taking control of melodies that would normally be meant for guitar.
My Room is White had this and their other EP, Rajat, up for awhile, but the link's been dead and the blog hasn't updated for awhile. I'll put Rajat up too later.

1. "Amuletti"
2. "Aika"
3. "Spiritismi"
4. "Unelma"
5. "Puutarha"
6. "Sudet"