Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Grinning Plowman - Nothing Is Ever What It Is

Here's a goth band from Nashville, Tennessee. Signed on Carlyle Records, The Grinning Plowman had two other releases prior to this one, Days of Deformity and I Play Jupiter, as well as a single of "Radioator" (from I Play Jupiter). Overall, in the general sense of their work, this band really touches on a lot of areas, sometimes brooding and dark ("Cripple" <3), others energetically chaotic, and at times even danceable. Some of their songs are straight up gothic post-punk, some with a deathrock pastiche, and others that lean more on darkwave. Plenty of great tunes here, my personal favorite song on this album is "Orange Room".

1. "Secret Sugar Frosting"
2. "Nancy's Relish Tray Demonstration"
3. "Hula"
4. "Mainframe"
5. "Pewter Surf"
6. "Functional Design"
7. "Monkey Speed Drome"
8. "Orange Room"
9. "Fool"
10. "The Wonders of Linoleum"
11. "Telemythos"
12. "Synthetic Flux"

"And then your head blows up over and over!"

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I like this music

sambson said...

Anybody want to post the first Grinning Plowman track "Where The Buffalo Roam", from the NASHVILLE ROCK (YOU HAVEN'T HEARD) Compilation (1987)?