Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fahrenheit 451 - The Gothic Years and After

More east-side stuff! Fahrenheit 451 is an '84-born New Jersey goth band. They had some gigs at CBGBs and the likes in New York, and opened for acts such as Specimen, Wolfgang Press, Gene Loves Jezebel, White Zombie, and The Ramones. They broke up in '87, but reunited in '96 to record two covers, including one with Christian Death/Super Heroine's Eva O.

These guys are pretty awesome, their songs move with a danceable, almost deathrock-pulse, Athan Maroulis has a pretty nice singing voice. To my knowledge, I think this is pretty much all their songs put on here, actually. The first four tracks can be found on their House of Morals EP. The last four tracks are stuff from the members other bands, which are pretty good stuff too!

Good chances are that they named themselves after that one Ray Bradbury book you read in high school. =P According to the CD's back, only 2000 copies exist. It's not too difficult to fetch though, I got this for like 2 bucks. A portion of that other 1999 is floating around on your favorite online shops.
Had a few requests from some buddies on this. Do enjoy!

1. "Strangers on a Train"
2. "Cathedral in Ice"
3. "Passions"
4. "Flowers Melt Away"
5. "House of Morals"
6. "Children"
7. "Danielle"
8. "Zombies"
9. "Black Dahlia" (original 1985 demo)
10. "Strangers on a Train" (original 1985 demo)
11. "Wasteland" (The Mission UK cover)
12. "The Three Shadows (Part II) w/ Eva O (Bauhaus cover)
13. Executive Slacks - "Salome"
14. Tubalcain - "Carbon Black"
15. The Lucifer Scale - "I Am Nothing"
16. Spahn Ranch - "Antibody" ('96 remix)

Burrn baby burrrn, disco inferrno!

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