Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Beautiful Pea Green Boat - Still Life

Beautiful Pea Green Boat is an English (I think) darkwave band, not sure when they formed exactly, but according to Discogs, their first release was in '84.

l think this here is a bit of like a Best Of collection or something, maybe, but it's not entirely a complete collection. Everything from their Obsessions album is on here and more - but a couple of the songs sound way different than their counterparts. Some of the songs have been cut much shorter and remixed, like "The Powerhouse" and "The Screw" (I personally like the Obsessions mix better of this song). Fantod Under Glass has Obsessions, so check it out.

Anyway, highly recommended. I'm not entirely sure who or what to compare them to (though this should appeal to fans of early Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins, Clan of Xymox, and the likes), it's a just a very spectacular darkwave album.
Wonderful lyrics with a beautiful blend of tribal drumming and atmospheric, sometimes beat-driven synths guiding you through dreamy melancholies. "Mirror of Souls" is my particular favorite, I just love the way the singer goes on crying "So cold, he shook!" towards the end of the song.

Vocalist Heather Wright formed Doris after leaving BPGB.

1. "The Powerhouse"
2. "Hammers of Islam"
3. "Too Much"
4. "When Dreams Move In"
5. "The Vase"
6. "Among the Ruins"
7. "Paper House"
8. "Danielle"
9. "Mirror of Souls"
10. "The Screw"
11. "Nostalgia"
12. "And She Laughed Too"

So colllld, he shoooook!

Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Beautiful+Pea+Green+Boat


Anonymous said...

Thanks, JQ-- I had this years ago, but sold my copy and have been wanting to hear this again ever since.
Also, is there any way to get in touch with you? I wanted to ask about one of your postings, but I don't see an e-mail on your profile.
Thanks again--

JQ said...

Hey Daniel, much obliged to be able to let you hear this fine record again!
And sure thing, you can email me here:
Thank you! =)