Friday, January 29, 2010

Chop Shop - Badlands / demo / live@CBGB

Here's another NY one I compiled for your convenience from Soundclick and probably should've put up a long time ago, but oh well. Formed in '84, vocalist Joe Truck and bassist Andrew "Andy Trash" Cushen, were in goth band Scarecrow and Twelfthnight. They made a demo then with some members that would leave and be replaced, and then in '85, recorded the EP Badlands, but split up almost immediately afterward.
They got a blues-punk, swamp rock, psychobilly quality to 'em with a deathrock vibe, and should appeal to you fans of like, The Gun Club or so.

Joe Truck would play in Burning Rome, then form horror punk/deathrock Brain Eaters, and glam metaly Rocket Angel afterward. In the 90's he formed The Snake Charmers, and in late 2000's, Confederacy of Horsepower. Andrew Cullen contributed to various blues-punk bands as Hi-Sheriffs of Blue, Love in Vein, Workdogs, and Hellhounds. Both Joe and Andrew would contribute to The Naked and the Dead. Rebecca Korbet, of Even Worse, played in a number of noise-rock bands: Missing Foundation, Pussy Galore, Big Stick, and Sloth. She contributed to King Missile and The Wharton Tiers Ensemble. Steve Binedetto would play for Spineless Yesmen, The Voloptuous Horror of Karen Black, and Jad Fair. (Wow, that was a lot of links >_>;;; )

1. "Big Bad Car"
2. "Cruisin' the Wasteland"
3. "Smashing Into Heaven"
4. "Mean Mr. Meat"
5. "Johnny 23"
6. "Vile Bodies"
7. "Razor Shop Death Bop"
8. "Gut Pump"
9. "Skin Job"
10. "Street Hit Collision"
11. "Road Kill"
12. "Uncle Head"
13. "Punish the Flesh"
14. "This Town"
15. "Badlands" (live @ CBGB, Sept '85)
16. "This Town" (live @ CBGB, Jun '85)
17. "Punish the Flesh" (live @ CBGB, Jun '85)
18. "Uncle Head" (live @ CBGB, Jun' 85)
19. "Razor Shop Death Bop" (live @ CBGB, Jun '85)
20. "Gut Pump" (live @ CBGB, Jun '85)
21. "Big Bad Car" (live @ CBGB, Jun '85)
22. "Vile Bodies" (live @ CBGB, June '85)
23. "Cruisin' the Wasteland" (live @ CBGB, June '85)
24. "Mean Mr. Meat" (live @ CBGB, June '85)
25. "Johnny 23" (live @ CBGB, June '85)
26. "Road Kill" (live @ CBGB, June '85)
27. "Skin Job" (live @ CBGB, June '85)
28. "White Knuckles" (live @ CBGB, June '85)
29. "Rags" (live @ CBGB, June '85)

And here's the tl;dr

Soundclick (source):
Joe Truck interview!:


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thank you !

オテモヤン said...
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Wes Hollywood said...

thanks for keepin the legacy alive!!!!im currently doina noisy project called-- the black scorpio underground....cheers--JOE TRUCK

JQ said...

Hey Joe, it's a real great pleasure!
We'll definitely keep an eye on your new project, keep the good music rollin'! Thanks so much for dropping by!! =D

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